Imperial Guard Alumnae of Waltrip Sr. High, HISD


"Women joined by their past in community service today."


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The Senator is a semi-annual newsletter that is distributed to all members of the Imperial Guard that we have current addresses. We report news about Sally's house activities, the scholarship application/instructions (also see information on this website), and the annual scholarship fund raiser. We also report on our relationship with Waltrip. We currently have a great display case complete with uniform and instruments along with pictures in the main hall of the school. If you are not receiving the Senator, please go the home page of this website and complete the update address form. Thank you.

Items for Purchase
Over the years at the various events we had items on display for purchase. The inventory is limited but all funds are welcomed to help us maintain our mission. We currently have several items you may wish to purchase. They money goes toward the activities of the Imperial Guard Alumnae Organization's mission: scholarships and community service. Thank you for your contribution.

The items below are for purchase. 

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Please check all the items you wish to purchase.Price includes mailing cost.
History Video $10.00
First Reunion Video $10.00
Ceramic Mug $5.00
Alumnae T-Shirt, large $10.00
IGA Playing Cards 7.00
IGA Speciality Tiles 10.00
Helmet Blanket 75.00
Helmet Poster 50.00
As the reunions and fundraisers go on, what item would you want to purchase to help in supporting our abilities to provide community support and scholarships?


Please give us your name and full address including zip code so we can mail you your items. Thank you.


To confirm your order to give update on availability, please give us your phone number and/or email. Thank you.