Imperial Guard Alumnae of Waltrip Sr. High, HISD


"Women joined by their past in community service today."


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The Imperial Guard Alumnae (20 plus years) has given  232 scholarships for a total of $278,000. These gifts of encouragement are from the dedicated work of “Guard Girls” and the generous support of the community, friends and family. The support of all can be felt with each scholarship given. A blind review of all applications is conducted by a committee of former Guard members. Applicants also submit a short essay. Points are awarded for the areas of academic achievement, extra-curricular, service, leadership and financial need. The scholarships can be for vocational or higher education at any level.  Each applicant must be either a Waltrip student or  they must have the recommendation of a Guard member. There must be a Waltrip connection.  Men and women are encouraged to apply. Depending upon the funds raised and the organizational ability, various numbers of scholarships are awarded and amounts are given. In 2004, scholarships were named for the areas The Guard is known for: Sandra Lee Cole for Leadership, Nancy West Herbster for Values and Tradition, Debbie Sherrill Adams for Service, Donna Williford Schultz for Courage and Cindy Greene Reibenstein for Spirit. Although no scholarship given is for the area honored, it is in that collective spirit that each scholarship is awarded. Through the scholarship program our values can continue throughout another generation. Our winners attend various universities: Cornell, Juliard, University of Arkansas, Colorado State, Texas A&M, Texas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Texas Christian University,Trinity, Franklin Pierce Law, Texas A&M Corpus, Houston Community College, Blinn, and The University of Houston.

Former Winner Application

High School Application


Scholarship Winners  (Gray names are returning winners that had a 3.0 or higher and Red names are the high school winners)

2023 Scholarship Winners: Joselin Cardentey, Wyatt Bounds, Sophia DeLa Garza, Emily Diaz, Audrey Hinojosa, Sarah Hinojosa, Felience Hossman, Andrew Malcom, Eric Martinez, Valerie Morales, Lillie Ripple, Aileen Olivares, Jada Fowler, Eliut Gonzalez, Maria Mosqueda, Danielle Dominguez, Karen Nino, Josue Sanchez, Veronica Sanchez, Trianqui Sun,  Jaqueline Valdez



 1. Past Winners: The scholarship recipients thus far are

1999 Winner: Nicole McGhee
2000 Winners: David Brawner, Jason Ricke, Carolyn Shell, Ginger Winters
2001 Winners: Ericka Stachowiak, Gloria Lott, Cathy Beckwith

2002 Winners: Rhea Walker-Smith, Clint Holland, Megan Brewer
2003 Winners: Clint Holland, Rhea Smith, Janie Wernli, Jason Shell
2004 Winners: Jason Shell, Jennifer Cummings, Erika Braxton, Susan Holle
2005 Winners: Jason Shell, Jason Ricke, Travis Holland, Leah Granacki, Lindsay Leavens, Katherine Parrot, Tiffany Chillion, Collin Talhelm.
2006 Winners: Allysen Hooks, Hyo Jung Pak , Michael Redding, Catherine Lo Pei, Katherine Parrot

2007 Winners: Berry Aguilar, Chelsea Carter, and Brett Hlavinka, Emily Gruetzmacher, Amanda Alexander and Elizabeth Liebendorfer;  Lauren English,  Ryan Brawner and Joseph Sanchez

2008 Winners: Elizabeth Liebendorfer, Ryan Brawner, Jami Graham, Juli Graham, Emily Gruetzmacher, Amanda Alexander, Chelsea Carter, Michael Redding, Katherine Taylor, Pamela Straker, Shelby Yanus

2009 Winners: Mandy Alexander, Ryan Brawner, Lindsey Garza, Allysen Hooks, Haley Hooks, Katie McClosky, Emily Knudsen, Nicholas Prather, John Reeves, Annie Dunham, Shelby Jackson, Jonathan Navanjo, and Kasandra Roaten.

2010 Winners: Chelsea Fain, Steven Roberts, Megan Russell, Katie McClosky, Mandy Alexander, Peter Stanton, John Thompson

2011 Winners: Michael Barrera, Daniel Bush, Jessica Wiggins, Gabriela Mejia, Katie McClosky, and Nicole Steakley

2012 Winners:  Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher, Raven Garza, Emily Thompson, Katie McClosky, Ashley Metzler, Brittany Metzler

2013 Winners: Angela Caton, Ashley, Metzler, Guadalupe Garcia, Katie McClosky, Lindsey Needham, Nicole Steakley 

2014 Winners: Keyara Austin, Itzel Esquivel, Guadalupe Garcia, Oumayma Hamzaoul, Melissa Martinez, Yesenia Mondragon, Lindsey Needham, Tulshi Patel, Jose Pedraza, Azeneth Quiroz, Rachel Sanchez and Emily Thompson

2015 Winners: Kathryn Wiggins, Guadalupe Garcia, Rachel Sanchez, Yesina Mondragon, Megan Urdeales, Emily Thompson, Mikayla Eifert, Marla Mosqueda, Amber Simpson, Jessica Dominquez, Decory Edwards, Mayerlin Villarreal, Theresa Perez

2016 Winners: Emily Roberts, Tamia Mondragon, Jason Needham, Emily Thompson, Rachel Sanchez, Lindsey Needham, Julia Urdiales, Guadalupe Garcia, Kathryn Wiggins, Mikayla Eifert, Yesina Mondragon

2017 Winners: Jason Needham, Emily Thompson, Rachel Sanchez, Julia Uriadiles, Guadalupe Garcia, Chelsea Chmiel, Morgan Faver, Leticia Macedo, Rachel Maldonado, Abigail Sidlo, Samir Lopez, Jessica Castillo, Kathryn Cherington, Eric Eifert

2018 Winners: Jason Needham, Emily Thompson, Julia Urdiales, Chelsea Chmiel, Oumayma El Hamzaoui, Grace Victoria Dees, Adam Wylie, Sierra Turner and Kauthar Saaka 

 2019 Winners: Natalie Lott, Kauthar Saaka, Jason Needham,  Theresa Perez, Grace Dees, Sierra Turner, Emily Thompson, El Hamzaoui Oumayma, Kianna Simmons, Andrew Malcolm, Joshua Pigg, Hannah Stone, Daniel Cahak, Jacqueline Valdez, Valerie Morales

2020 Winners:  El Hamzaoui, Oumayma; Corona, Lisette; Hinojosa, Sarah; Thompson, Emily; Valdez, Jaqueline; Villolovos, Sierra; Dees, Grace; Saaka, Kauther; Moralex, Valerie; Paule, Emily; Douglas, Aliyah; Hossman, Feliece; Torres, Katia; Mena, Joshua 

2021 Winners: Elisha Joseph, Karla Gamez Guevara, Alexandra Bagby, Ainsley Van Dyke, Micah Stone, Aliyah Douglas, Emily Thompson, Lisette Corona, Grace Dees, Sarah Hinojosa, Feliece Hossman, Andrew Malcolm, Valerie Morales, Saaka Kauthar, Emily Paule, Jacquline Valdez, Sierra Villalovos

2022 Winners: Sophia De La Garza, Trianqui Mary Sun, Emily Diaz, Audrey Hinojosa, Kaci Needham, Aliyah Douglas, Grace Dees, Sarah Hinojosa, Feliece Hossman, Elisha Marie Joseph, Andrew Malcolm, Valerie Morales, Saaka Kauthar, Jacqueline Valdez, Micah Stone, Sierra Villalovos