Imperial Guard Alumnae of Waltrip Sr. High, HISD


"Women joined by their past in community service today."


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These Imperial Guard Alumnae Women have given their all; they have met their challenges in life and given their families, the community the best of themselves.  This alumnae organization will always pay tribute and honor the women who as young girls learned the meaning of commitment, direction and teamwork.  May their spirit rest easy and God willing 'may it last forever' in our hearts! 

In Memoriam
At every event, we remember our Guard Girls who have died. Please inform us of any member so they may be included in our Memoriam. Their spirit continues within the organization.
“In everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die.” Their spirit endures... and 'May the end always crown our work, and God willing may it last forever." 

In Memoriam: Our Founders: Bernice Gale and Sandra Lee Cole, Margaret Huebner, Drum Coordinator ’61, Debbie Sherrill Adams '62, Sue Collins ’62, Peggy Dodson ’62, Sayra Hearn Hesselsweet ’62, Laurel Webb ’62, Betty Williams '62, Karen Roberts Mobley ’63, Linda Byrd Prouse ’64, Kay Baskett Carpenter ’64, Diane Bova Hester ’64, 
Emily Chiles Michaund ’64, Jane Hartman Schmidt ’64,
DeAnn Blow ’65, Laruene Schmitt Evans ’65, Kay Wynn Carbo '65, Georgeann Mauk Gallian '65, Jeanne Spencer Adams '65, Jane Harman Hamilton ’65, Lanice Richardson ’65, Evelyn Elizabeth Minors '65, Eileen Caudel Key '65, Natasha Klock '65, Evelyn Meiners '65, Jean Phillips Franke '65, Barbara Kelly Okerberg '65

Megan Shirley Hall ‘66, Jane Johnston '66, Liz Lawrence Hansen '66, Cathy Rankin Tiemann '66, Suzie May Handal ’67, Jane Gaumer Montgomery '67, Janie Ruth Lawrence Dolmage ’67, Nancy Alexander Foster '67, Becky Floyd Mitchell '67, Kathleen Kellogg Wright '67, Linda Cauthorn Jester ’68, Donna Williford Schultz '68, Beverly McDonald Acock '68, Marilyn Cooper Landers '68, Paula Habeeb '68, Ann Lawley Conrad ’68,
Judy Yoder Shelter '68, Jan Pritchett Wagner '69, Janet Zipperer '69
Susan Doyle '70, Claudia Korczynski '70, Carline Yoder Hoyle '70, Martha Fears Duncan ’72, Audrey Holland Hall ’73, Lucia Armato '73, Shelley Bartling Wade ‘75, Sharon LaGrone Lawrence ‘75, Peggy Gerhart Reibenstein ’76, Trudie Staffa McQuiston‘76, Carol Ayres ‘76,  Debby Bishop Hobart '76, Terry Guinn Converse '76, Margaret McKinney Kerstens '77, Cheri Lewis Moherek '77, Virginia Perry '78, Mary Thompson Hanzelka Gibbons '79, Debbie Ellis Gray ‘83,  Renee King '84

Information to Up Date In Memoriam When you know of a Guard Girl that has passed away, please let us know and/or complete the form below. Thank you. 

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Please give us the name: first, maiden, and last name of the Guard Girl who died. If possible, the year she graduated from Waltrip and when, where she died. Any other pertitent information is also welcomed. Thank you


Please give us your name, first, maiden, last and graduation year if a member of the Guard or first and last if not.


Please give us your address, email and/or phone so we may confirm the information. Thank you.